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We at the House of West Kili feature a series of activities that our guests can engage in during their stay with us, from cultural tourism to trekking excursions.

Kilimanjaro Cultural Tourism

Cultural tourism refers to a form of tourism in which local people are closely involved. They design and organize the tours, show tourists aspects of the area in which they live and of their daily life. During the tours, local people often show their development projects, like irrigation and soil conservation activities or income generating projects of women’s groups. Visitors leave the area feeling they have made new friends and with information on the many positive developments projects going on in rural Tanzania.
In many areas, rural life is an attraction on its own. Carefully cultivated plots and lush tropical vegetation form a backdrop for simple traditional houses. Women in colorful dresses carrying buckets of water and bunches of firewood back home. Villagers participating in development projects, from irrigation systems to building primary schools, hand crafting to pottery.
People are willing to receive tourists and show them daily life, culture and scenery in their villages. They see tourism as an activity that can create employment and generate income, which can be used for improving their living conditions.

The House of West Kili lodge gives you the opportunity to see a rich culture of people living in the rural parts of Kilimanjaro and other parts of your choosing through its attractive cultural program.

Areas of Interest:


Oldonyo Murwak, Mountain of elders, a sacred Maasai Mountain


Rundugai, the ``Chemka Hot Spring``


Bee Keeping by local women


Village/local markets, where people get their supplies